How Clinton operatives pushed now-debunked Trump-Russia server conspiracy

The striking similarity for me is this. I would have an exceedingly difficult time voting for either. The new Industrial revolution, currently in progress, will kill off the serfs of the Working class and Middle class, leaving only the Idle rich and the overly wealthy whose lifestyles we will all emulate when robots and AI take over, and America will be great again. At some point, it is predicted that robots and AI, will have their own revolution, and kill off the rest of us, and when they write their own history it will start. Once upon a time there was a man called Donald Trump, and a lady called Hillary Clinton, who though they understood about Politics…. A taste in larger private jets High fashion, expense for Hillary travel: It's hard to say. When someone changes their views based on what they think you want them to say, and keeps their pronouncements vague so you end up reading into them whatever you want, but they can defend themselves by pointing out they never said what you think they said, it's hard to pin them down. That, of course, applies to both of them, so it is the most obvious thing they have in common. They are both self-opinionated members of the capitalists class who look on the workers as fodder for any pie in the sky scheme they are currently in favour of. Ask New Question Sign In. What do Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton incontri mr trump e hillary clinton in common? What are some similarities between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? There are some striking similarities.

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He, too, is under U. You dismissed this ad. September was a busy time for Clinton allies trying to sell Russia - Trump stories. One of them was handed a fortune; the other had to earn it with speaking fees. Could Donald Trump be a Democratic plant? Steele , but not by name, about supposed nefarious meetings in Moscow by Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page. Trump travels in his Boeing Some part of that and a — an organization associated with — a Russian organization associated with the Russian Government. Only one of them has held elective office. Sussmann, a cybertechnology expert and former Justice Department attorney, pitched the Alfa server connection. Comey, shows that Fusion tried another avenue inside the Obama administration. I mean his enterprises with which he was associated. Click here for reprint permission.

Incontri mr trump e hillary clinton

After a week of continual speculation about Hillary Clinton's health helped Donald Trump surge to a tie in the polls, the attacks in New York and New Jersey will now dominate the race. with Mrs Clinton arguing that Mr Trump's rhetoric was a valuable propaganda tool . Jan 06,  · President Trump on Sunday quoted Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton supporting border security, pushing Democrats to relent in the standoff over spending on a border wall. Mr. Trump . Hillary Clinton has the potential to be an excellent president of the United States, Mr. Trump, by contrast, has shown himself to be bigoted, ignorant, deceitful, narcissistic, vengeful, petty. Nov 22,  · Mr. Trump, who branded his rival “Crooked Hillary” and said she would go to jail if he were president, Donald Trump Drops Threat of New Hillary Clinton Investigation.

Incontri mr trump e hillary clinton